Introducing Verified Referrals…

QuickLinkt Smartphone App - Verified Referrals

QuickLinkt Smartphone App – Verified Referrals

We’d like to introduce a new approach to referrals, designed for businesses looking for the most qualified leads possible.  We’re calling these Verified Referrals and here’s how they work…

In addition to the Standard QuickLinkt Smartphone App Referrals, as a Vendor by turning on Verified Referrals in your settings you can now have an email and/or SMS message automatically sent to the person being referred.  This email and/or SMS will request them to accept the referral, and once they do so you will see a referral verification icon in your received referral list.

So now not only has one of your trusted referral sources  (a past customer or other) sent you a great lead through the QuickLinkt Referral App, but the lead themselves have reconfirmed that they want you to contact them.  This is great for any business that is busy or just wants to make sure their time if used as effectively as possible.

Rest assured the standard referral process is still available…  we’re just giving you more options!

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