Give & Get Referrals are Here!

Get your customers sharing discounts with Friends & Family, and reward them right back once their friends redeem!

Companies like Dropbox were built off Give and Get Referrals (refer a friend and give them 500 MB of Free Space, then get 500 MB right back if they sign up) ,  now QuickLinkt brings this same referral strategy to it’s Smartphone App and businesses everywhere!

Check out this 1-Minute video to see how Give & Get Referrals work:

Sample Offers:

Salon / Spa / Retail:  Let your customers share a 10% OFF Mobile Coupon and get 10% OFF themselves once their friends redeem.

Fitness / Clubs: Let your members give a FREE One Month Membership and get a discount back for premium services.

Realtor: Let customers share a Free Home Valuation, and put them in draw for every redemption.

To get started, simply install QuickLinkt or contact us and we’ll be happy to guide you!



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