Using Community Sites to Farm Your Neighborhood

Use these steps to use sites like Nextdoor and connect with people in your community!Online community forums, neighborhood Facebook groups, and sites like Nextdoor are a great way to connect with people in your area, let them know you’re a REALTOR®, and position yourself as the neighborhood’s go-to agent. The challenge? Before you can ask if anyone’s ready to sell – you need to earn their trust. Think of it as farming your neighborhood, but virtually.

A really effective way to do this is to curate a list of recommended businesses in the area, and share it with your neighbors through these sites. Not only does it show your expertise as a local expert, but it also gets the word out about you being a REALTOR® in a way that isn’t pushy. Plus – it gives you a reason to start collecting contact details!

With the Connector smartphone app by ClientLinkt you can easily create & share your list of recommended businesses & service providers – and promote the list through your community site. Here’s how to do it!

1. Create a Connector Account & Start Building Your List

  • Visit and sign up (it’s free to try).
  • Add your existing list of services providers that you use on a regular basis, or use some of the service providers who are in the “recommended” section of your Nextdoor Community site.

2. Socialize the Idea by Posting a Message in your Community’s Site

  • Let neighbours know you’re a REALTOR® and are setting up a smartphone app business directory for everyone in your area
  • Ask if anyone owns a business they’d like to include in the app or if they know of a business they think should be added – this is great for growing the list organically & getting feedback!

3. Add Discounts to your List

  • When neighbours respond that they want their business added, make sure to write back and ask if they can provide an “exclusive discount” on their services for community members…. If so, they’ll be highlighted in a Discount section of the app.

4. Maintain Momentum

  • Complete your list in a 7-14 day time frame and write an update post on your community site announcing it’s ready
  • Thank your community for offering their input and time.  
  • In the body of the post include the link to download the Connector app and the Invite Code to the list you created.

5. Reach Out

  • Spend 15 minutes each day on your community forum/Nextdoor site looking posts asking for recommendations on plumbers, movers, painters, etc
  • Reply  with a helpful message suggesting they download your Connector app to find a list of recommendations in the neighborhood.
  • This activity will boost your app downloads and increase your activity on the site. Each time someone downloads Connector & accesses your list – you’ll be notified & have access to their contact details!

By following these five steps, you can effectively market yourself in your community’s online forum, Facebook group or Nextdoor without being pushy. You can “virtually” farm your local market while providing a valuable service to your community.

To get started, visit & create your account!