How I’m Becoming My Area’s Go-To Real Estate Agent

Melanie Galea - Learn how she's becoming the Go-To Agent for her area!As a REALTOR®, Melanie Galea understands the importance of being a connector to grow her business. “When people move to town, they’re always asking me ‘Who should I call to do my landscaping?’ or ‘Who’s the best handyman?’ ”

This kind of local expertise and willingness to help a neighbor is key for connecting with potential clients. It’s about being a resource first, then when it comes time for someone to buy or sell – they remember Melanie’s name as the real estate agent they want to do business with.

So just how has Melanie become the go-to agent for her area??

She’s created a local business directory so people in the area can find everything they need, then she shares her curated list with the community via her smartphone app – Discover Fort McMurray, Powered by Melanie Galea.

The app is free to download from the Apple & Google Play stores and acts as a guide for everything in the community – whether you’re looking for a painter for your home, the best coffee shop, or something fun to do on the weekend.

It’s a simple way for Melanie to show her expertise, be a valued resource, stay top of mind, and gently let people know she’s a real estate agent without being pushy. Then when someone’s ready to buy or sell – they remember her name as the go-to real estate agent in town.

Better still, “the response from the businesses has been amazing” says Melanie. Melanie has built out a directory of over 100 businesses, and the majority that are able to are also offering a discount to people using the app.

But it’s not a one-way street.

The relationships formed with these local businesses and service providers is crucial for increasing referrals and her sphere of influence. By promoting local businesses to clients, these businesses are now ready and willing to send referrals Melanie’s way.

“I really love my app… My clients absolutely love it…. And it’s super easy.”

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