ClientLinkt Feature Spotlight – Push Notifications

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing details on our new product ClientLinkt – a solution for real estate agents to share their list of trusted service providers with clients via their own custom-branded mobile app. Today, we’re doing a feature spotlight on how agents can send push notifications with ClientLinkt.

Push Notification, ClientLinktThe great thing about ClientLinkt is that it keeps agents connected with clients during the buying or selling process and long after the deal closes. Not only does having your  app on clients’ phones build your brand, but it also serves as a constant touch point. Clients can instantly call or email agents from the app, and agents can also communicate with current & past clients by sending Custom Push Notifications.


With the Custom Push Notifications feature, agents can send short messages to everyone that’s downloaded their app. Agents simply login to their app management dashboard to send an alert or update, and the messages are branded for them to include the app icon. These communication tools are therefore a nice addition to e-newsletters, check-in calls & other methods used to stay in touch – but don’t increase an agent’s workload. Better still, clients can get valuable info from their agent right at their fingertips.


Sending push notifications is also great because it increases client engagement with your app and keeps your app on their phone for longer. For example, you can send market updates on recently sold properties, new listings, deals & specials from your list of preferred service providers, tips for growing home equity or alerts when mortgage rates change. These types of talking points are ideal for staying connected with clients and showing your value & expertise as a real estate agent.


To get started with your own custom-branded app, visit or contact


Exceeding Your Sales Goals

How to Ask (2)

I recently read a pretty frightening statistic that ⅔ of all salespeople miss their quotas. It got me thinking about how reps can improve their performance – and naturally – it got me thinking about referrals.With referred clients being 4X more likely to close, salespeople can drastically improve their performance by focusing on a sell-by-referral strategy.


The reality is that we drop the ball when it comes to referrals. In fact, despite over 80% of past clients being willing to make a referral only 29% actually follow through. So what happens? We simply hope that referrals will come our way, instead of actively asking for referrals. As salespeople we often don’t ask for referrals because:

  1. We fear rejection
  2. We don’t have process in place
  3. We focus on chasing cold leads instead of following up with past clients.


So, how should we ask for referrals? A successful strategy should address these three issues.


We’ve all referred friends & family to our favorite restaurant, pediatrician or gym – so we shouldn’t think clients are uncomfortable sending referrals our way. Be confident in the service you provide, be specific when asking for referrals & make sure to follow up with quickly.


ClientLinkt Feature Spotlight – Custom Branding

ClientLinkt AppLast week, we gave our blog visitors a sneak peek at our new product – ClientLinkt – a solution for real estate agents to share their list of trusted service providers & drive referrals via a custom-branded mobile app. We’ve had a lot of great feedback from real estate pros across North America as we demo the technology, so we’ve decided to share more details on what everyone is so excited about. Today’s feature spotlight – Custom Branding!


Any agent knows the importance of building their brand – your personal brand keeps you top of mind with past clients & provides a steady stream of new clients by being recognized in your community. That’s why we decided that ClientLinkt apps should be exclusively branded for each real estate agent or office – so each app is a complete extension of the agent’s brand.


When an agent or office signs up for their ClientLinkt app, we contact them directly to discuss branding options. These include the app colors, name, logo & description in the app store. After discussing branding options, we build the app exclusively for the agent or office. Agents are definitely loving that we’ll guide them through the process, and ensure that their app looks professional and is consistent with their other marketing pieces.


One of the huge benefits of Custom Branding is that clients will search for the agent or office’s name in the app store, and can easily find their agent’s app. Better still, agents aren’t asking clients to download a third-party system that they have no control of. You can see here how an office app appears in the app store for iOS and Android.


The custom app icon & name also serves as a constant touch point between the agent and their client. Every time a client opens their phone, they’ll see the app icon and agent’s brand is reinforced. We’re finding agents will typically use their headshot as their icon and offices will select their logo.



With Custom Branding, ClientLinkt apps help agents & offices reinforce their brand with current, future & past clients. If you’d like to learn more about ClientLinkt, be sure to visit or contact


Client Retention – Where’s the Gap?

building client loyalty

There’s no worse feeling than realizing your client found a new real estate agent. You helped them buy their first home – in the best neighborhood & under budget. You even sent an awesome closing gift. Now 3 years later, they’ve listed with a different agent. You’ve been dumped.


While we’d like to hope that our clients will remain loyal, data shows that the real estate industry has a problem with client retention. Despite the fact that nearly 90% of home buyers and sellers say that they like their agent and would use them again, only 10% do. We work so hard to help our clients buy or sell, but we drop the ball post close.


So why is it so difficult to retain clients? It turns out that most agents lack a strategy for staying in touch & top of mind with past clients. In a recent study, it was found that 15% of agents participate in no form of post-close marketing. And of those who do – it mainly consists of haphazard activities such as bumping into clients in the grocery store or sending a few random check-in emails. So with no strategy to stay connected with past clients and provide value after the sale, it’s no wonder agents have difficulty with client retention.


Now, think about the efforts you go through to find new leads. You’ll update our website, hire photographers to take awesome listing photos, buy ads on Zillow or, blog, use lead capture on our website, plan open houses,  advertise on billboards… the list goes on. The fact is, there tends to be huge discrepancy between the effort we use to attract new clients and the effort to retain past clients. What if we diverted even 5% of our prospecting time to post-close marketing? Would it increase repeat business? Lead to  more referrals? Decrease client acquisition costs?


The research says yes. According to the White House Center for Consumer Affairs, it’s 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new client than it is to keep a current one. What strategies do you use to stay connected with past clients?


ClientLinkt Sneak Peek!

ClientLinktHere at QuickLinkt, we’ve been busy developing ClientLinkt – our new solution for real estate agents to provide more client value and drive referrals. While we’ve been working hard building the technology and getting real estate offices & agents ready to launch, we’ve decided to give a preview to our blog visitors on what we’re working on. So, without further ado – we present ClientLinkt.


ClientLinkt is a solution for real estate agents and offices to stay connected with past clients via their own custom branded mobile app. Agents can use the app to share their team of trusted home service providers, send market updates, message past clients and  offer discounts from their vendor network. These features are all designed to help agents provide more client value after they close and increase client satisfaction.


On top of increasing client value, ClientLinkt allows agents to build their brand. Each agent or office has an exclusive app branded for them that features their own app icon, name, colors and description in the app store. There’s no mention of ClientLinkt, so agents can provide a seamless client experience and have a constant touch point with past clients.


Better still, ClientLinkt apps increase referrals from past clients. Realizing that 86% of home sellers & 88% of home buyers would recommend their agent to friends or family, we wanted to create a simple way for agents to capitalize on these referral opportunities. The app therefore also doubles as a simple conduit for past clients to send referrals. Beneath the agent’s profile image is a prominent Refer button. By clicking the button, users complete a simple referral form and the referral is instantly sent to the agent. This means that agents can not only increase client satisfaction and provide more value, but also grow their client list and generate ROI.


ClientLinkt apps are available for both real estate agents and offices or brands. When clients download and open an individual agent’s app, they’ll see their agent’s profile and list of preferred service providers & local businesses. If it’s an office’s app, the app is branded for the office and clients are asked to select their preferred agent when they download the app. Agents can get their own custom app for $350/year and office apps that list all the office’s agents are $1500/year.


To get started with ClientLinkt, agents and offices can sign up by visiting We’ll then contact you to get your branding, build your app and have it available for clients to download in the app store for iOS and Android within 5-10 business days. You’ll be able to edit your vendor list & data anytime by logging into the app management dashboard and also access detailed analytics on app downloads, calls to service providers and referrals.


While we’ll be officially releasing ClientLinkt in the coming weeks, make sure to visit to learn more or contact for more info.

How to Provide Client Value After You Close

couple in  front of one-family house in modern residential area

For any real estate agent, success depends on the ability to drive referrals and repeat business. The average agent receives 21% of their business from repeat clients, but agents in business 16+ years average 40% of their business from repeat clients and an additional 21% from referrals. However, since the average buyer stays in their home for 13 years, increasing repeat business and referrals from past clients isn’t easy. Agents need to provide real value long after they close. So just how do you deliver client value post close? Here’s our 6 tips for staying relevant and building client relationships.


Help Your Clients with Moving Day

You’ve closed the deal and popped the champagne! But while your work is done, your clients still face the stress of moving day. Help them out by connecting them with a great moving company, provide a moving day checklist, stop by on moving day to lend a hand or order takeout so they aren’t scrambling without a kitchen.


Share Your List of Trusted Service Providers

Finding trusted home professionals can be a challenge, especially for first-time buyers or people new to the area. Share your vendor network with clients to save them the hassle and help them find the professionals they need. Better still, make your list always accessible so clients can easily access it long after they move.


Alert Clients of Mortgage Rate Changes

While mortgage rates will be top of mind during the application process, after purchasing a home clients may not realize if rates have changed or if their fixed rate period is coming to an end. By alerting clients of mortgage rate changes, you can put more money in their pockets.


Send Market Updates

Keeping a pulse on the local market helps clients see the value of their home investment. Sending market updates – including price changes, recent neighborhood sales and market demand – keeps real estate top of mind, shows your expertise and can encourage clients to buy or sell again. It’s a definite must for providing value after you close.


Help Your Clients Out at Tax Time

Owning a home has significant tax benefits. At tax time, send clients info on tax deductions and credits for homeowners. You’ll help clients save money and reinforce the value of an investment in real estate.


Host Neighborhood Events

Whether you decide to host a client appreciation event, holiday party or fundraiser for a charitable organization – inviting clients to neighborhood events is a great way to grow your relationship. The face time is invaluable for staying top of mind. Plus, throwing a fundraiser shows that you’re involved in the community.


At the end of the day, providing real value goes beyond simple fridge magnets and holiday cards – it’s about increasing homeowner value and building lasting relationships with clients. How do you engage in post-close marketing?


How to Jump Start Your Real Estate Career

Business team

Every year, thousands of eager new real estate agents enter the industry. But despite the lure of creating your own hours, selling million dollar listings and being your own boss – becoming a real estate agent is hard work. With the typical salary for first-year agents under $15,000, just surviving can be a struggle. So whether you’re coaching new agents, re-entering the industry or starting your career – here’s our advice for getting started as a real estate agent.


Find a Mentor or Coach

It’s important to start your career on the right foot. Find out what formal training/coaching options are available through your brokerage and associations, and take advantage of everything that’s available in your price range. More importantly, find a mentor that’s experienced in your local market. There’s nothing more valuable than seeing an experienced agent in action, plus they can help you learn the peculiarities of your local market. Make sure to look for a mentor that matches your learning style, and whose career you’d like to emulate. Offer to help them with open houses or marketing efforts – this can be a great way to learn from the best and get your your feet wet.


Learn Your Market

Study your local market to the point of exhaustion. Understand the key selling points and downsides of different areas – including neighborhood profiles, demographics, school info, taxes, public services and even average commute times. Learn market data on prices, average days on the market, number of homes for sale and pricing trends. Your local association will have historic market reports  that will be invaluable.


Expand Your Professional Network

As a real estate agent, you’ll work with lawyers, appraisers, mortgage brokers, home stagers – the list goes on! See if your office has recommended providers, and start making contacts. Relationships with these professionals will help your clients through the buying or selling process – and get you to the closing table faster! Better yet, mortgage brokers, landscapers, painters and other home service professionals can be a great lead source. Curate a list of home service professionals that you can share with clients – it’s a great way to add value and differentiate yourself.


Get Your Marketing in Place

Building your brand and actively marketing yourself will always be part of your career as a real estate agent. When you start out, decide what your unique value is – how will you differentiate yourself from other agents? Get your headshots, design your slogan, handcraft a killer bio and get your logo in place. Then set up your website, lead capture system, blog, client newsletters and social media pages – and learn how to use them!


Start Building Your Client Base … Yesterday!

Building a client base can be the most difficult task for any new agent, but it’s definitely one of the key determinants of your success. First, let your friends, family, past colleagues, community connections, etc know that you’ve made a career change. Explain why you’re passionate about real estate, and ask if you can send them updates on market trends in their area. Get involved in your community, attend networking events, support local businesses, distribute your print advertising and get your name out there. Allocate time every day to building your client base and reaching out to your contacts – real estate agents in business 16+ years get over 60% of their business from repeat clients and referrals!


What advice do you wish you had when you started out? As a new agent, what’s the best advice you’ve received?

Building Your Real Estate Team

real estate network

In real estate, no man is an island. Whether we like it or not, as real estate agents we rely on various service providers to help us get to the closing table and ensure our clients are happy with the home buying or selling process. Therefore, establishing a strong professional network of lawyers, lenders, contractors, and other home service professionals can increase your productivity and help you become the agent of choice. Here’s how your professional network can catapult your career.  

Securing Listings

Securing real estate listings is stressful for any agent, especially those working in highly competitive markets. In listing presentations, highlight your vendor network – including home stagers, landscapers, painters and other home service professionals that can get a home ready to market. This establishes your credibility and the benefits of choosing you as their listing agent.  

Preparing Buyers

Home buyers – especially first-time buyers – likely don’t have a mortgage broker, real estate lawyer, appraiser or moving company. Connect home buyers with these professionals to help them with every step of the process and ensure their dream of home ownership becomes a reality. Plus, this way you won’t get stalled when clients are ready to submit an offer.  

Getting Homes Ready to List

If you want to reduce your closing time (and who doesn’t???), getting homes ready to list quickly is key. Great relationships with painters, landscapers and other home service providers will get your listings ready to sell. Better yet, home service professionals love working with real estate agents because it’s a great lead source.  

Homeowner Satisfaction

As a real estate agent, your job doesn’t end when the purchase agreement has been signed. Homeowner satisfaction is key for securing repeat clients and referrals. Share your vendor network with past clients so they can access trusted home service providers that you’ve vetted. Better yet, let your past clients know of deals and specials that these painters, landscapers or home decorators are offering. This provides new value after you close and increases home value for past clients.


At the end of the day, a strong network should be based on business relationships that benefit all parties. How do you build your real estate team?

To share your vendor network with current & past clients via your own branded mobile app, visit 

Your Referral Blind Spot

new referralLike any real estate agent, you’re constantly searching for new leads and better prospecting methods to grow your business. For most agents, driving referrals from past clients is a key strategy – since 42% of home buyers find their agent through a referral from a friend or family member. But what if you could tap into a new referral source that sends you high quality leads?


Any agent would quickly jump at the possibility. So what’s this untapped referral source? Your network of trusted service providers and local businesses.


As a real estate agent, you have an intricate web of professional contacts to deliver great service to your clients and make the buying or selling process as smooth as possible. While your team of vendors can help you secure listings and get clients ready to purchase, they’re also an untapped source for referrals.These professionals include everyone from mortgage brokers, financial advisors, lawyers, contractors, home decorators and landscapers.


Think about it – you regularly refer clients to these professionals, but are you working with them to have referrals sent your way? You should be educating your professional contacts about the types of clients you work with and letting them know how they can benefit by sending clients your way.


Here’s how some of these professionals can become your most valued lead source:

  • General contractors, painters & handymen that prepare clients’ homes for sale
  • Financial advisers that help clients plan for a home purchase
  • Mortgage brokers & lenders that work with savvy homebuyers getting pre-approved before shopping
  • Property managers that know landlords planning to sell


To really capture referrals from your professional network, remember that they won’t just happen automatically. First, make sure you engage with your contacts regularly so you aren’t forgotten – think about your initiatives for staying in touch with past clients. Then, when you receive referrals from your professional network make sure to keep them updated on sale progress and what’s going on – remember that the client was theirs first. At the end of the day, remember that you get what you give. Sending business two-ways makes for a stronger networking relationship and will help deliver superior service to clients.


If you’re interested in strengthening your professional network, check out QuickLinkt’s referral management tools for real estate agents or share your professional network with past clients via your own branded mobile app with ClientLinkt. 

Driving Referrals from Past Clients

Real estate agents are constantly looking for better marketing strategies to drive leads. They’ll experiment with everything from Zillow, Craig’s List, FSBO, social media, AdWords, mail outs – the list goes on. But any real estate agent knows that their best lead source is their current client base. For agents to in business 16+ years, 40% of their business comes from repeat clients and another 21% comes from referrals.


But driving referrals and repeat business means staying top of mind with past clients.


So how do you stay connected?? Most successful agents have realized the importance of creating multiple touch points. Whether the strategy is formal or not, this can include:

  • a closing gift
  • home anniversary cards
  • email newsletters
  • invites to community events
  • holiday cards

The reasoning behind these touch points is that the more contact between an agent and past clients, the more likely past clients are to become repeat clients and send referrals the agent’s way.


While staying connected is the first step, real estate agents need to go beyond simple communication. Think about it – how many emails do you receive from businesses, community groups & politicians vying for your attention??? Marketers send over 838 million emails every year – meaning it’s only getting more difficult to get your messages heard.


Therefore, you need more than just regular contact – you need to stay relevant and provide real value after the sale.  Don’t think of your relationship with clients as simply buying and selling property – as a real estate agent you have a vast knowledge base on everything real estate related including market trends, decorating, landscaping, mortgages, community events and home maintenance. This is where you can provide real value to clients long after the sale to drive referrals and repeat business.


ClientLinktWhen you send past client newsletters or check-in, share your knowledge. Provide home maintenance tips, advice on landscaping or secrets to getting great curb appeal.


Better still, do you have a list of quality service providers and local businesses? Share your contact book with past clients so they can access trusted home professionals anytime. With ClientLinkt by QuickLint, you can share your list of vendors and local businesses with past clients via your own branded mobile app. Clients can access your list of preferred providers anytime – meaning you’re constantly offering real value long after the sale. Better still, you’re able to build your brand by having a constant presence on past clients’ Smartphone.



If you’d like to learn more about ClientLinkt visit or contact