Introducing Facebook Referrals

This week, we’ve released QuickLinkt Referrals for Facebook. While customers have always been able to share offers on Facebook using QuickLinkt, now businesses can also add a custom Refer-a-Friend tab to their Facebook page. The tab allows clients & customers to submit referrals right from a company’s page, and all referrals are automatically tracked through QuickLinkt. This way, we’re helping businesses encourage referrals and increasing ROI from social media.

facebook refer a friend



Creating greater integration between QuickLinkt and Facebook was an obvious fit. Since many businesses use social media as their primary channel for interacting with clients and customers, the Refer-a-Friend tab is a great way to increase referrals. Better yet, since local business pages get over 645 million page views per week, it’s a great channel for encouraging referrals.


Adding the Refer-a-Friend tab to a Facebook page is also a great way to see real ROI from social media. The Refer-a-Friend tab delivers qualified leads, and tracking sales is automatically done through the QuickLinkt platform. And since  52% of brands state that social media ROI is their greatest frustration, Facebook referrals can combat frustration and take social media marketing beyond Likes & Shares.


Businesses using QuickLinkt can add the referral form to their Facebook page in under a minute by logging into their account and selecting the Facebook Tab option in the Settings Menu. Because we’ve built the Referral tab as a Facebook app, there’s no coding required to add it to a Facebook page. Better yet, this feature comes at no additional cost for users with QuickLinkt Professional accounts.


The Refer-a-Friend tab for Facebook pages makes it easier for customers to send referrals, and for businesses to see real ROI from social media. If you’d like to learn more about the full QuickLinkt platform visit or to start your free referral management plan.