New Networking Tools are Here!

This week, we’re excited to announce that the QuickLinkt Networking Tools have been released! These features make it easy for businesses to grow their professional referral network and promote referral programs to clients. They’re key for engaging with referral sources and ensuring referral program success.


The networking tools allow businesses to invite professional contacts to join their Referral Network. Businesses simply enter the email address of contacts they’d like to invite and then QuickLinkt sends a personalized email asking them to create a QuickLinkt account and join the business’s network. Once they select to create an account, either through the Smartphone App or web interface, they’re automatically added to the business’s network and ready to send referrals. We’ve seen our beta users increase referrals 2-4X by inviting professional contacts – so it’s definitely a simple step with dramatic results.


The new networking tools also allow businesses to promote referral reward programs to their customers/clients. These tools include posting to Facebook & Twitter, email templates, links for email signatures, and adding website Referral forms. By publicizing rewards across marketing platforms, businesses can ensure their customers/clients learn about the referral program and are incentivized to participate.


These features are now available to all businesses using QuickLinkt. When logging in to the Web Manager, you’ll see the Networking Tools in the Settings menu. You can then choose either Grow Network or Promote Program depending on if you’re focused on referrals from professional contacts or customers, or choose to use both. For example, we’re seeing Mortgage Brokers use the  professional networking tools for connecting with real estate agents & financial advisers, and the promotion tools for increasing referrals from past clients.


As always, we’re excited to be helping businesses grow referrals and increase loyalty. If you’re a business using QuickLinkt, feel free to email  or visit our Help Desk to learn more about these new features.