How to Evaluate Real Estate Technology

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Today, as real estate agents we have an almost unlimited number of technology tools at our disposal. With products ranging from social media management to accounting software to e-signatures, it can be a complicated process to figure out what actually helps grow your business. But how do you evaluate new products and decide if the investment is worth it???


Unless you’re especially tech savvy – or want to spend days reading through product reviews – deciding on new technology can be a daunting process. Turning to your colleagues, broker or local association for advice is always a good idea, but how can you decide what’s actually the best option for you?  You only need to ask one question:

How will this create a better buying or selling experience for my Clients?

The fact is, as a real estate agent our job is about creating client value. We’re in the service industry, and therefore our decisions need to be based on what’s best for our clients and not which solutions have the most bells and whistles. At the end of the day, if a product doesn’t help our clients – it’s not worth the investment.


When evaluating tech, there’s 2 categories that products fit into: Client-Facing Products that our clients interact with and Internal-Facing Products that help us increase productivity so we can better serve our clients.


Client-Facing Products are solutions that our clients see. These tools help with buying or selling, and include virtual tour software, automated listing updates or live chat on your website. When evaluating these solutions, you should assess the technology based on how they help your clients in their real estate experience.


Internal-Facing Products increase productivity, allowing you to spend more time building relationships. These solutions include CRMs, accounting software or marketing automation tools. While your clients may not see these products, you should evaluate them based on the time you’ll save and how you can allocate this time to clients. If you can’t quantify your increase in productivity, then investing in these solutions isn’t worth it.


At the end of the day, any tech solution should help leverage our current strengths. We should be able to articulate how the product helps us build relationships, and not just provide a laundry list of features. As a real estate agent, what products do you find the most beneficial?


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