ClientLinkt Sneak Peek!

ClientLinktHere at QuickLinkt, we’ve been busy developing ClientLinkt – our new solution for real estate agents to provide more client value and drive referrals. While we’ve been working hard building the technology and getting real estate offices & agents ready to launch, we’ve decided to give a preview to our blog visitors on what we’re working on. So, without further ado – we present ClientLinkt.


ClientLinkt is a solution for real estate agents and offices to stay connected with past clients via their own custom branded mobile app. Agents can use the app to share their team of trusted home service providers, send market updates, message past clients and  offer discounts from their vendor network. These features are all designed to help agents provide more client value after they close and increase client satisfaction.


On top of increasing client value, ClientLinkt allows agents to build their brand. Each agent or office has an exclusive app branded for them that features their own app icon, name, colors and description in the app store. There’s no mention of ClientLinkt, so agents can provide a seamless client experience and have a constant touch point with past clients.


Better still, ClientLinkt apps increase referrals from past clients. Realizing that 86% of home sellers & 88% of home buyers would recommend their agent to friends or family, we wanted to create a simple way for agents to capitalize on these referral opportunities. The app therefore also doubles as a simple conduit for past clients to send referrals. Beneath the agent’s profile image is a prominent Refer button. By clicking the button, users complete a simple referral form and the referral is instantly sent to the agent. This means that agents can not only increase client satisfaction and provide more value, but also grow their client list and generate ROI.


ClientLinkt apps are available for both real estate agents and offices or brands. When clients download and open an individual agent’s app, they’ll see their agent’s profile and list of preferred service providers & local businesses. If it’s an office’s app, the app is branded for the office and clients are asked to select their preferred agent when they download the app. Agents can get their own custom app for $350/year and office apps that list all the office’s agents are $1500/year.


To get started with ClientLinkt, agents and offices can sign up by visiting We’ll then contact you to get your branding, build your app and have it available for clients to download in the app store for iOS and Android within 5-10 business days. You’ll be able to edit your vendor list & data anytime by logging into the app management dashboard and also access detailed analytics on app downloads, calls to service providers and referrals.


While we’ll be officially releasing ClientLinkt in the coming weeks, make sure to visit to learn more or contact for more info.