Introducing Refer-a-Friend Website Widgets

refer-a-friend computerWe’re excited to announce that we’re making it even easier for businesses to increase referrals! Now, in addition to receiving referrals through the QuickLinkt Smartphone App, businesses can also allow clients to send referrals through their website with Refer-a-Friend Website Widgets. Better yet, we’re making referral software accessible to the masses by offering Refer-a-Friend Widgets for free. 

Businesses can add QuickLinkt referrals to their site by adding a Refer-a-Friend page or a Refer-a-Friend slider. Whether the business has a WordPress or custom site, the technology can be added in under 5 minutes without any coding. All referrals are tracked through the QuickLinkt Web Manager, and businesses can update or change referral incentives at any time.

With these new features, any business can use QuickLinkt to power its referral program for free. While similar services offer Referral Website Widgets with monthly subscription fees or charge per lead, we wanted to offer a digital referral solution that would be accessible to any small business or agent. Businesses can visit to create their widget and start their referral program without entering any credit card information.

Business that are already running referral programs using QuickLinkt mobile referrals can also use these features at no additional cost. By logging into the Web-Managemet System, you can access your Refer-a-Friend Widget and Slider under the Settings menu. You can also find detailed instructions on adding referrals to your website in our Help Desk.

By increasing the number of ways businesses can receive referrals, we’re making easier for customers to share their favorite businesses and for businesses to increase leads. If you’d like to learn more about our new Refer-a-Friend Website Widgets or starting your free referral program, visit or feel free to email us at