How to Win at Niche Marketing

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about the benefits of niche marketing for real estate agents. Most top producing agents adopt a niche marketing strategy because it establishes them as an expert and reduces fatigue from being spread too thin. Plus, owning a niche is great for referrals. So whether you establish a niche by neighborhood, property type or client type, here’s our advice on how you can dominate your niche.


Get Social

Establish your presence as a niche expert by targeting your blogging and social media efforts. For example, if you work with first time buyers you can offer advice on pros & cons of renting vs. buying, steps to secure a mortgage, neighborhood profiles of popular areas for first time buyers and home maintenance tips. Providing great online content that’s relevant to your niche will establish your credibility and help potential clients connect.


Be a Resource

As a real estate agent, you’re a valuable source of knowledge about the local real estate market, home trends and buying & selling property. Giving market advice for your local paper, community newsletter or radio show is great for showing your expertise. Plus, local journalists are always searching for stories!


Network, Network, Network

An agent’s client list is directly proportional to the size of their network. Being involved in business associations, like your chamber of commerce or professional networking groups, is great for driving referrals from business contacts. You can also connect with potential clients and establish yourself as the niche expert by being involved in community associations and volunteer groups. For example, if you focus on homes in one neighborhood, get involved in the neighborhood’s community association.


What success have you had with niche marketing?


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