5 Easy Ways to Get More Referrals

Every real estate agent knows that referrals are the best lead channel. But how may referrals are you getting? Check out these 5 easy steps for getting more referrals

Every real estate agent knows that referrals are the best lead channel. But how may referrals are you getting?

The truth is, if you want to start working by referral – then you need a strategy. A few simple habits can go a long way when it comes to increasing referrals from people you know.

Offer Incredible Service

First things first, if you want to increase your referral business you’ll need to be memorable. Think about your specialty, and how you’re unique. What takes your service from good to great?

Develop Regular Touch Points with Past Clients

After closing, make sure you’re staying top of mind with past clients. If you have a newsletter for potential buyers, you should have a newsletter for past clients. And make sure the content is relevant for them (ie – don’t just promote your listings). These touch points can include:

  • Social media content
  • Client appreciation events
  • Newsletters

Check In

There’s nothing like a personal phone call to check in with past clients. It shows you value their business, and that you’re a trusted source of real estate knowledge. If clients were planning on doing renos after moving in – this is an easy talking point. Other great ideas for check in calls are:

  • When mortgage rate changes
  • The anniversary of the sale
  • If new construction is planned in their area
  • Industry news that may affect them
  • Seasonal home maintenance tips


If you deliver excellent service, stay connected with past clients, and act as a trusted real estate expert – then asking for referrals won’t feel gimmicky. For example, you could say  – “I really enjoyed helping you find your first home, and if you know anyone who may be interested in entering the real estate market – I’d love to help them out.” A simple statement like this tells past clients the type of referrals you’re interested in, and makes it clear that you’re looking for referrals.

Say Thank You

Whether a referral turns into new business or not – always say thank you and show your gratitude. And better yet – if the person has their own business, send a referral back their way!

The Secret to Real Estate Advertising

Real Estate AdvertisingAs a real estate agent, it can feel like there’s a plethora of marketing & advertising channels available. Mail outs, Google Adwords, Zillow, Yellowpages.com, Facebook, billboards…. the possibilities are endless.

The only problem? As consumers are hit with more and more ads – it becomes easier to ignore them. The media landscape has become so crowded, that getting your voice heard above the noise is increasingly difficult. Not to mention, managing advertisements across so many different platforms can be a headache for any agent.

There’s no magic bullet advertising solution that guarantees success. No Facebook ad, Zillow profile or billboard can catapult your business. While they’re all great tools to have in your arsenal – in real estate we grow our business through relationships. And our connections with past clients and professional contacts is how we grow our client list  in a sustainable, scalable way.

So, what’s an agent to do?

Stay Connected with Past Clients

For agents in business 16 plus years, 41% of their business comes from repeat clients while another 20% comes from referrals. Moral of the story? By staying in touch with past clients, you can save money on advertising and create a self-replicating sales funnel. 

Add Value After Closing

Staying in touch isn’t enough though. As a REALTOR – your expertise includes the entire real estate cycle and not just getting to the closing table. Add value after closing by sharing home maintenance tips, market updates or by recommending your list of trades professionals to help clients with their home.

Strengthen Relationships with Professional Contacts

Your professional network – like lawyers, mortgage brokers, home stagers & trades professionals are all so important for showing clients your position in the market and showcasing your reputation.

Engage in Referral Reciprocity

With a strong professional network, these individuals are strategic partners for growing your business. By referring clients to lawyers, mortgage specialists, contractors and other contacts, you’ll benefit from referral reciprocity and have them send referrals.


At the end of the day, research has proven that the most trusted form of advertising is recommendations from people you know. So by focusing on your sphere of influence, you can feel confident that your advertising time & money is well spent. 

5 Things Every REALTOR Should Do After Closing

Your Post Close To-Do ListFor any real estate agent, getting to the closing table means we’ve done our job. We’ve guided our clients through the real estate process, helped them find perfect home, negotiated the best deal and ensured all the T’s are crossed so everything goes off without a hitch. The truth is though, getting to the closing table doesn’t mean our job is over. Real estate is about relationships. And if we want to drive repeat business and referrals, the relationships we build with clients can’t end when the deal is signed.


So, how do you foster client relationships after you close? Here’s our list of the top 5 things you should do with every client.


1.Say Thank You

Thank you is one of the most powerful phrases in the English language. For sales professionals – it should be a regular part of your day. After you’ve finished working with a client, send a personal thank-you note or drop off a closing gift. It shows you’re sincere and care about more than your commission.

2.Connect Clients with Your Trusted Service Pros

Buying a home is just the first step. New owners need a long list of home service pros and local businesses make their house a home and help them get settled in their neighborhood. Share with clients your list of trusted vendors – like movers, landscapers and painters – and your favorite local restaurants, hang outs and attractions.

3. Ask for a Review or Testimonial

Honest feedback from recent clients is the best way to understand why clients love working with you, and what improvements will take your business to the next level. Send clients a short feedback survey after you close and ask if they’d be willing to provide a testimonial or write a review.

4. Let Clients know you Love Referrals

As a real estate agent, referrals from past clients can provide a steady stream of  highly-qualified leads. Referrals decrease your marketing costs, minimize prospecting time and improve your time to close. But don’t assume that referrals will just come your way – you should be actively engaging with your referral network. Let past clients know referrals are the backbone of your business, highlight the type of client you like working with and ask if they know anyone looking to buy or sell that fits this profile. For example, during a check-in call with a past client, you could say “I’m really glad to hear you’re enjoying your new home. I love to helpling first-time home buyers find the perfect property, and I was wondering if you have any friends or family looking at buying their first home that I could contact?” If you’ve done your job – you don’t need to be afraid of asking for referrals.

5. Plan to Stay in Touch

If you want to increase repeat clients and referrals, you’ll need to stay in touch with clients after you close. Create a communications roadmap to stay top of mind – this could include a follow up call 1 month after move-in date, monthly email newsletter to past clients with market updates, and holiday cards.


How do you stay relevant and top of mind with past clients?


With ClientLinkt  real estate agents & offices can share their list of trusted home service providers and local businesses with clients via their own custom-branded mobile app – helping them to increase client value, stay top of mind & drive referrals. 


Reciprocity, Referrals & Real Estate

Referrals, Reciprocity & Real EstateThe Theory of Reciprocity states that as humans, we naturally want to return a favor. Simply put – when someone does something that benefits us, we feel obligated to do something in return.


While the theory is simple to understand – it has powerful implications for real estate agents. As a Realtor, your work is based on relationships with clients, professional contacts & your network of trusted service providers – like mortgage brokers, lawyers, contractors & home service professionals. And if you foster these relationships – you can grow our business exponentially through reciprocity.


Think about it. Buying or selling a property is the biggest financial decision most people will ever make. So if you build meaningful relationships with your clients, really help them through the process and offer exceptional service – they’ll want to reciprocate the hard work you’ve done by sending referrals your way.


Where reciprocity gets even more powerful though is when it comes to your network of trusted service providers. As a Realtor, your clients are constantly asking you for the name of a mortgage broker, real estate lawyer, contractor, home decorator or moving company. You regularly refer clients to these vendors – and these vendors depend on referrals from real estate agents to grow their business.


By formalizing your referral process with mortgage brokers, lawyers, home service pros & other professionals – you can therefore drive leads through reciprocity. First, have your list of recommended service providers easily accessible to your clients. With ClientLinkt – you can share your list of via your own custom-branded smartphone app so its always accessible to your clients. Then – contact each of these service providers to let them know you’ve included them in your list of recommendations. Plan follow-up calls with vendors to check-in about clients you’ve referred to them, and thank them when they deliver great service to your clients. They’ll be thankful for the clients you’ve referred to them – and return the favor by sending referrals your way.


How to Connect with Referral Partners

Referral ScriptAs a real estate agent, your vendor network is a coveted source of referrals. Property managers, financial advisers, contractors and other home trade professionals are all great partners. Not only do these professionals have contact with potential clients at key stages of the decision cycle to buy or sell, but they can also send you more quality referrals because they understand the difference between a qualified & unqualified lead.

While you likely have some contacts already, its important to formalize the relationship and always establish new connections. If you aren’t sure about how to approach potential referral partners – here’s a simple script to get started:

“My name’s _________ and I’m from __________ (Your Office). I’m calling because I’m putting together a list of businesses and to help my clients with their ___________(home/new area/finances). Clients always ask me for recommendations – so I’m providing them with my list and promoting these businesses through my marketing. I heard great things about you from _________ and was wondering if I can include your business in my list of recommendations?”

If Yes…

“Great! These referral relationships are so important for helping our businesses grow. And I want to ask that if in exchange for me promoting your business & referring my clients to you – if you’d refer people you know that are considering buying or selling to me?”

You can adapt this script to elaborate more on the relationship you’d like to build, but whenever you approach potential referral partners make sure to highlight:

  1. That you’re looking to build long-term relationships
  2. Your high level of service, and that you’re wanting to connect with businesses that have these same standards
  3. The benefits of the relationship for both parties

While this script is simple – its a powerful tool for connecting with professionals that can grow your client list. Who are your most valued referral partners?

How I’m Becoming My Area’s Go-To Real Estate Agent

Melanie Galea - Learn how she's becoming the Go-To Agent for her area!As a REALTOR®, Melanie Galea understands the importance of being a connector to grow her business. “When people move to town, they’re always asking me ‘Who should I call to do my landscaping?’ or ‘Who’s the best handyman?’ ”

This kind of local expertise and willingness to help a neighbor is key for connecting with potential clients. It’s about being a resource first, then when it comes time for someone to buy or sell – they remember Melanie’s name as the real estate agent they want to do business with.

So just how has Melanie become the go-to agent for her area??

She’s created a local business directory so people in the area can find everything they need, then she shares her curated list with the community via her smartphone app – Discover Fort McMurray, Powered by Melanie Galea.

The app is free to download from the Apple & Google Play stores and acts as a guide for everything in the community – whether you’re looking for a painter for your home, the best coffee shop, or something fun to do on the weekend.

It’s a simple way for Melanie to show her expertise, be a valued resource, stay top of mind, and gently let people know she’s a real estate agent without being pushy. Then when someone’s ready to buy or sell – they remember her name as the go-to real estate agent in town.

Better still, “the response from the businesses has been amazing” says Melanie. Melanie has built out a directory of over 100 businesses, and the majority that are able to are also offering a discount to people using the app.

But it’s not a one-way street.

The relationships formed with these local businesses and service providers is crucial for increasing referrals and her sphere of influence. By promoting local businesses to clients, these businesses are now ready and willing to send referrals Melanie’s way.

“I really love my app… My clients absolutely love it…. And it’s super easy.”

To learn more, visit  www.clientlinkt.com.

How I’m Strengthening My Vendor Network & Driving New Revenue

Jason WaltersAs a real estate agent, Jason Walters knows his role goes beyond getting the deal signed: He provides clients with expert advice and guides them through every stage of the buying or selling process.

Part of that expert advice is connecting clients with the trusted vendors they need – like landscapers, financial advisers & contractors.

That’s why he shares his list of recommendations via his branded smartphone app, ClientLinkt Connector. His clients can download the app from their app store, see Jason’s profile, and have his list of recommendations always at their fingertips.

For Jason – it’s a perfect way to add client value, stay top of mind, and strengthen referral relationships with his vendor network. Vendors like moving companies, landscapers & home stagers know that referrals from real estate agents are key for their business and love that they’ve earned a spot on Jason’s list.

But the benefits aren’t just strengthened referral relationships.

Many of Jason’s vendors have selected to advertise in his app. By choosing to advertise – they get extra exposure to Jason’s clients & prospects who are looking for businesses just like them and Jason is able to generate new revenue.

Within just months, he’s already paid for the cost of his app and created a steady stream of residual income. Jason doesn’t have to worry about collecting advertising payments or setting up the ads because the process is fully automated. He simply logs into the ClientLinkt web manager, selects which vendors he’d like to invite to advertise, specifies the ad rate, and hits send.

His vendors can sign up to advertise, and Jason can withdraw advertising revenue from his account anytime. In under 30 minutes, and with just a few clicks – he’s able to generate new revenue from the vendors he’s already promoting to his clients.

“My ClientLinkt app has been a huge success. Clients love that my vendor list is always at their fingertips, and I’m generating income from my advertisers every month – without increasing my workload.”

You can get started with ClientLinkt here, or contact sales@clientlinkt.com with any questions!

*Real estate agents should consult with their real estate association to ensure compliance with regulations in their area regarding referrals & joint advertising.

Using Community Sites to Farm Your Neighborhood

Use these steps to use sites like Nextdoor and connect with people in your community!Online community forums, neighborhood Facebook groups, and sites like Nextdoor are a great way to connect with people in your area, let them know you’re a REALTOR®, and position yourself as the neighborhood’s go-to agent. The challenge? Before you can ask if anyone’s ready to sell – you need to earn their trust. Think of it as farming your neighborhood, but virtually.

A really effective way to do this is to curate a list of recommended businesses in the area, and share it with your neighbors through these sites. Not only does it show your expertise as a local expert, but it also gets the word out about you being a REALTOR® in a way that isn’t pushy. Plus – it gives you a reason to start collecting contact details!

With the Connector smartphone app by ClientLinkt you can easily create & share your list of recommended businesses & service providers – and promote the list through your community site. Here’s how to do it!

1. Create a Connector Account & Start Building Your List

  • Visit www.clientlinkt.com/connector and sign up (it’s free to try).
  • Add your existing list of services providers that you use on a regular basis, or use some of the service providers who are in the “recommended” section of your Nextdoor Community site.

2. Socialize the Idea by Posting a Message in your Community’s Site

  • Let neighbours know you’re a REALTOR® and are setting up a smartphone app business directory for everyone in your area
  • Ask if anyone owns a business they’d like to include in the app or if they know of a business they think should be added – this is great for growing the list organically & getting feedback!

3. Add Discounts to your List

  • When neighbours respond that they want their business added, make sure to write back and ask if they can provide an “exclusive discount” on their services for community members…. If so, they’ll be highlighted in a Discount section of the app.

4. Maintain Momentum

  • Complete your list in a 7-14 day time frame and write an update post on your community site announcing it’s ready
  • Thank your community for offering their input and time.  
  • In the body of the post include the link to download the Connector app and the Invite Code to the list you created.

5. Reach Out

  • Spend 15 minutes each day on your community forum/Nextdoor site looking posts asking for recommendations on plumbers, movers, painters, etc
  • Reply  with a helpful message suggesting they download your Connector app to find a list of recommendations in the neighborhood.
  • This activity will boost your app downloads and increase your activity on the site. Each time someone downloads Connector & accesses your list – you’ll be notified & have access to their contact details!

By following these five steps, you can effectively market yourself in your community’s online forum, Facebook group or Nextdoor without being pushy. You can “virtually” farm your local market while providing a valuable service to your community.

To get started, visit www.clientlinkt.com/connector & create your account!

Get Your Referral Playbook for 2016

Referrals are the highest converting lead source for any real estate agent. But if you don’t have a plan for discovering referral partners & building your referral pipeline – you’re losing out.

On Thursday, December 17th we’ll be hosting a free webinar to give you a step-by-step guide on driving referrals for your real estate business. Learn how to organize your database, follow up with past clients & turn professional contacts into referral partners that send you high-converting leads.

Join esteemed real estate coach & technology expert Dan Wood with ClientLinkt for a free 30 minute webinar on  Your Referral Playbook for 2016. In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • Identifying referral partners that give you a competitive edge
  • Scripts for generating referrals from your sphere of influence
  • Using technology to stay connected & maximize your efforts

Don’t miss out on this exclusive webinar – register HERE to reserve your spot!

Capturing Your Real Estate Niche

Capturing Your Real Estate NicheFor any real estate agent, a clearly defined niche strengthens your market position, creates efficiencies and establishes you as an expert. Whether you specialize in a property type, client demographic, or neighborhood – adopting a niche strategy has obvious benefits. So how do you go about discovering, defining & developing your niche?

1.Study Your Past Clients

In order to adopt a niche strategy, first look at your past clients. What patterns do you see? Study client profiles, property types, neighborhoods & home prices. Are most of your clients buying heritage properties? Or maybe there’s lots of millennials shopping in urban areas, or retirees selling their family home to downsize?

2.Decide if It’s for You

After looking at your past clients and the trends that emerge, which were the most lucrative? Examine your commission, expenses and time spent to secure and close each deal. If you have more than one niche that appears, which did you enjoy working with more? And most importantly – will this be a lucrative niche moving forward? Research future market trends and see what opportunities there are. Are the demographics of your city changing? How does this affect your niche strategy? A lot of this info can be found through your local real estate association and municipal government.

3.Define Your Niche

After analyzing your past clients and deciding what niche is for you, it’s time to define it. You should be able to succinctly describe your niche in one sentence. It should give direction to your marketing & prospecting, and let potential clients know exactly who you work with. For example, “I help young couples and families find their first home” or “I specialize downtown condos for an urban lifestyle.”

4.Get Prepared

If you’re going to adopt a niche strategy – you’ll need to be an expert. Brush up your skills by registering for a course, reading up on emerging trends and practicing your scripts. Honing in on a geographic area? Study up on past sales and visit open houses in the area to see what’s selling, what key features the area boasts, and how properties are marketed. Looking to work with retirees downsizing? What about becoming a NAR Senior Real Estate Specialist®?


How will you capture your niche? Even with all the planning & studying, execution is where you’ll sink or swim. Focus your efforts on your niche: target your website to these home buyers or sellers, network with service providers and local businesses that also work with this demographic; talk to your sphere of influence about the type of clients you work with and properties you sell so they know what referrals to send your way; and regularly re-evaluate your efforts to see what’s successful and where improvements can be made.