ClientLinkt Feature Spotlight – Push Notifications

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing details on our new product ClientLinkt – a solution for real estate agents to share their list of trusted service providers with clients via their own custom-branded mobile app. Today, we’re doing a feature spotlight on how agents can send push notifications with ClientLinkt.

Push Notification, ClientLinktThe great thing about ClientLinkt is that it keeps agents connected with clients during the buying or selling process and long after the deal closes. Not only does having your  app on clients’ phones build your brand, but it also serves as a constant touch point. Clients can instantly call or email agents from the app, and agents can also communicate with current & past clients by sending Custom Push Notifications.


With the Custom Push Notifications feature, agents can send short messages to everyone that’s downloaded their app. Agents simply login to their app management dashboard to send an alert or update, and the messages are branded for them to include the app icon. These communication tools are therefore a nice addition to e-newsletters, check-in calls & other methods used to stay in touch – but don’t increase an agent’s workload. Better still, clients can get valuable info from their agent right at their fingertips.


Sending push notifications is also great because it increases client engagement with your app and keeps your app on their phone for longer. For example, you can send market updates on recently sold properties, new listings, deals & specials from your list of preferred service providers, tips for growing home equity or alerts when mortgage rates change. These types of talking points are ideal for staying connected with clients and showing your value & expertise as a real estate agent.


To get started with your own custom-branded app, visit or contact


ClientLinkt Feature Spotlight – Custom Branding

ClientLinkt AppLast week, we gave our blog visitors a sneak peek at our new product – ClientLinkt – a solution for real estate agents to share their list of trusted service providers & drive referrals via a custom-branded mobile app. We’ve had a lot of great feedback from real estate pros across North America as we demo the technology, so we’ve decided to share more details on what everyone is so excited about. Today’s feature spotlight – Custom Branding!


Any agent knows the importance of building their brand – your personal brand keeps you top of mind with past clients & provides a steady stream of new clients by being recognized in your community. That’s why we decided that ClientLinkt apps should be exclusively branded for each real estate agent or office – so each app is a complete extension of the agent’s brand.


When an agent or office signs up for their ClientLinkt app, we contact them directly to discuss branding options. These include the app colors, name, logo & description in the app store. After discussing branding options, we build the app exclusively for the agent or office. Agents are definitely loving that we’ll guide them through the process, and ensure that their app looks professional and is consistent with their other marketing pieces.


One of the huge benefits of Custom Branding is that clients will search for the agent or office’s name in the app store, and can easily find their agent’s app. Better still, agents aren’t asking clients to download a third-party system that they have no control of. You can see here how an office app appears in the app store for iOS and Android.


The custom app icon & name also serves as a constant touch point between the agent and their client. Every time a client opens their phone, they’ll see the app icon and agent’s brand is reinforced. We’re finding agents will typically use their headshot as their icon and offices will select their logo.



With Custom Branding, ClientLinkt apps help agents & offices reinforce their brand with current, future & past clients. If you’d like to learn more about ClientLinkt, be sure to visit or contact


ClientLinkt Sneak Peek!

ClientLinktHere at QuickLinkt, we’ve been busy developing ClientLinkt – our new solution for real estate agents to provide more client value and drive referrals. While we’ve been working hard building the technology and getting real estate offices & agents ready to launch, we’ve decided to give a preview to our blog visitors on what we’re working on. So, without further ado – we present ClientLinkt.


ClientLinkt is a solution for real estate agents and offices to stay connected with past clients via their own custom branded mobile app. Agents can use the app to share their team of trusted home service providers, send market updates, message past clients and  offer discounts from their vendor network. These features are all designed to help agents provide more client value after they close and increase client satisfaction.


On top of increasing client value, ClientLinkt allows agents to build their brand. Each agent or office has an exclusive app branded for them that features their own app icon, name, colors and description in the app store. There’s no mention of ClientLinkt, so agents can provide a seamless client experience and have a constant touch point with past clients.


Better still, ClientLinkt apps increase referrals from past clients. Realizing that 86% of home sellers & 88% of home buyers would recommend their agent to friends or family, we wanted to create a simple way for agents to capitalize on these referral opportunities. The app therefore also doubles as a simple conduit for past clients to send referrals. Beneath the agent’s profile image is a prominent Refer button. By clicking the button, users complete a simple referral form and the referral is instantly sent to the agent. This means that agents can not only increase client satisfaction and provide more value, but also grow their client list and generate ROI.


ClientLinkt apps are available for both real estate agents and offices or brands. When clients download and open an individual agent’s app, they’ll see their agent’s profile and list of preferred service providers & local businesses. If it’s an office’s app, the app is branded for the office and clients are asked to select their preferred agent when they download the app. Agents can get their own custom app for $350/year and office apps that list all the office’s agents are $1500/year.


To get started with ClientLinkt, agents and offices can sign up by visiting We’ll then contact you to get your branding, build your app and have it available for clients to download in the app store for iOS and Android within 5-10 business days. You’ll be able to edit your vendor list & data anytime by logging into the app management dashboard and also access detailed analytics on app downloads, calls to service providers and referrals.


While we’ll be officially releasing ClientLinkt in the coming weeks, make sure to visit to learn more or contact for more info.

New Networking Tools are Here!

This week, we’re excited to announce that the QuickLinkt Networking Tools have been released! These features make it easy for businesses to grow their professional referral network and promote referral programs to clients. They’re key for engaging with referral sources and ensuring referral program success.


The networking tools allow businesses to invite professional contacts to join their Referral Network. Businesses simply enter the email address of contacts they’d like to invite and then QuickLinkt sends a personalized email asking them to create a QuickLinkt account and join the business’s network. Once they select to create an account, either through the Smartphone App or web interface, they’re automatically added to the business’s network and ready to send referrals. We’ve seen our beta users increase referrals 2-4X by inviting professional contacts – so it’s definitely a simple step with dramatic results.


The new networking tools also allow businesses to promote referral reward programs to their customers/clients. These tools include posting to Facebook & Twitter, email templates, links for email signatures, and adding website Referral forms. By publicizing rewards across marketing platforms, businesses can ensure their customers/clients learn about the referral program and are incentivized to participate.


These features are now available to all businesses using QuickLinkt. When logging in to the Web Manager, you’ll see the Networking Tools in the Settings menu. You can then choose either Grow Network or Promote Program depending on if you’re focused on referrals from professional contacts or customers, or choose to use both. For example, we’re seeing Mortgage Brokers use the  professional networking tools for connecting with real estate agents & financial advisers, and the promotion tools for increasing referrals from past clients.


As always, we’re excited to be helping businesses grow referrals and increase loyalty. If you’re a business using QuickLinkt, feel free to email  or visit our Help Desk to learn more about these new features.



Introducing Facebook Referrals

This week, we’ve released QuickLinkt Referrals for Facebook. While customers have always been able to share offers on Facebook using QuickLinkt, now businesses can also add a custom Refer-a-Friend tab to their Facebook page. The tab allows clients & customers to submit referrals right from a company’s page, and all referrals are automatically tracked through QuickLinkt. This way, we’re helping businesses encourage referrals and increasing ROI from social media.

facebook refer a friend



Creating greater integration between QuickLinkt and Facebook was an obvious fit. Since many businesses use social media as their primary channel for interacting with clients and customers, the Refer-a-Friend tab is a great way to increase referrals. Better yet, since local business pages get over 645 million page views per week, it’s a great channel for encouraging referrals.


Adding the Refer-a-Friend tab to a Facebook page is also a great way to see real ROI from social media. The Refer-a-Friend tab delivers qualified leads, and tracking sales is automatically done through the QuickLinkt platform. And since  52% of brands state that social media ROI is their greatest frustration, Facebook referrals can combat frustration and take social media marketing beyond Likes & Shares.


Businesses using QuickLinkt can add the referral form to their Facebook page in under a minute by logging into their account and selecting the Facebook Tab option in the Settings Menu. Because we’ve built the Referral tab as a Facebook app, there’s no coding required to add it to a Facebook page. Better yet, this feature comes at no additional cost for users with QuickLinkt Professional accounts.


The Refer-a-Friend tab for Facebook pages makes it easier for customers to send referrals, and for businesses to see real ROI from social media. If you’d like to learn more about the full QuickLinkt platform visit or to start your free referral management plan.


Introducing Refer-a-Friend Website Widgets

refer-a-friend computerWe’re excited to announce that we’re making it even easier for businesses to increase referrals! Now, in addition to receiving referrals through the QuickLinkt Smartphone App, businesses can also allow clients to send referrals through their website with Refer-a-Friend Website Widgets. Better yet, we’re making referral software accessible to the masses by offering Refer-a-Friend Widgets for free. 

Businesses can add QuickLinkt referrals to their site by adding a Refer-a-Friend page or a Refer-a-Friend slider. Whether the business has a WordPress or custom site, the technology can be added in under 5 minutes without any coding. All referrals are tracked through the QuickLinkt Web Manager, and businesses can update or change referral incentives at any time.

With these new features, any business can use QuickLinkt to power its referral program for free. While similar services offer Referral Website Widgets with monthly subscription fees or charge per lead, we wanted to offer a digital referral solution that would be accessible to any small business or agent. Businesses can visit to create their widget and start their referral program without entering any credit card information.

Business that are already running referral programs using QuickLinkt mobile referrals can also use these features at no additional cost. By logging into the Web-Managemet System, you can access your Refer-a-Friend Widget and Slider under the Settings menu. You can also find detailed instructions on adding referrals to your website in our Help Desk.

By increasing the number of ways businesses can receive referrals, we’re making easier for customers to share their favorite businesses and for businesses to increase leads. If you’d like to learn more about our new Refer-a-Friend Website Widgets or starting your free referral program, visit or feel free to email us at

Introducing Verified Referrals…

QuickLinkt Smartphone App - Verified Referrals

QuickLinkt Smartphone App – Verified Referrals

We’d like to introduce a new approach to referrals, designed for businesses looking for the most qualified leads possible.  We’re calling these Verified Referrals and here’s how they work…

In addition to the Standard QuickLinkt Smartphone App Referrals, as a Vendor by turning on Verified Referrals in your settings you can now have an email and/or SMS message automatically sent to the person being referred.  This email and/or SMS will request them to accept the referral, and once they do so you will see a referral verification icon in your received referral list.

So now not only has one of your trusted referral sources  (a past customer or other) sent you a great lead through the QuickLinkt Referral App, but the lead themselves have reconfirmed that they want you to contact them.  This is great for any business that is busy or just wants to make sure their time if used as effectively as possible.

Rest assured the standard referral process is still available…  we’re just giving you more options!

QuickLinkt is now on Blackberry!

QuickLinkt Referral App

Introducing the Blackberry 10 Version of the QuickLinkt Referral App

In addition to the iOS and Android version of the QuickLinkt Referral App, we’re proud to announce a Blackberry 10 Version.  The BlackBerry version opens up QuickLinkt referral opportunities to another platform!

The Blackberry 10 version extends functionality from Android and helps us reach another important segment of the smartphone market (business & government users).

We expect to be introducing the QuickLinkt Referral App’s Windows Version by mid-summer!



To download QuickLinkt for Blackberry 10 visit:


QuickLinkt Referral App has Launched!

QuickLinkt Referral App for Realtors, Mortgage,

Encourage, track and reward more referrals.

We’re excited to announce the launch of the QuickLinkt Referral App.  Designed for Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Insurance, Investment Agents, and any other business that could benefit from more referrals.  QuickLinkt enables businesses to more easily encourage, track and reward past customers for sending referrals; it creates a simple, always accessible conduit for your past customers to send you referrals.

A recent Texas Tech study indicates that 83% of past customers are willing refer after a positive experience but actually few do.  With QuickLinkt, we can close the gap of those who say they would refer and those that actually do by making referrals easier to make, in-the-moment so nothing is left undone.