Mortgage Associates use QuickLinkt Referral Marketing Platform to Automate Referral Management & Increase Mortgage Leads

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Saskatoon, SK.  December 3, 2014.

Mortgage brokers rely on referrals from clients and professional contacts to grow their business. But with heavy competition from banks, a constantly changing industry and multiple new financial products – keeping on top of referrals is a difficult job. Despite these challenges, Mortgage Associate Ben Leclair is easily running a successful referral business using QuickLinkt’s referral management platform – he’s managing referrals from over 25 real estate agents and financial advisers while finding more time to focus on his clients.

Ben Leclair is a Mortgage Associate with Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Mentors. With over 10 years experience as a lending specialist and financial adviser, he’s a high-volume agent with a large network of real estate agents, financial advisers and other industry related professionals.

Needless to say, a lot of Ben’s new business comes from his network. Real estate agents refer homebuyers looking for a new mortgage and financial advisers refer clients looking to refinance and consolidate debt. Managing these referrals is a big task – referrals need to be easily tracked, application progress monitored and updates communicated back to the referral source.

“I used to receive referrals via email, phone and text. I would then enter the details in an Excel Spreadsheet and manually update the mortgage application’s progress. Real estate agents and financial advisers would call often to find out what was going on with their client’s mortgage, and if I wasn’t at my computer it was hard to give them a good answer. Plus, it was a hassle to be tracking referrals and making phone calls when I had other work to do.”

But 6 weeks ago, Ben started using QuickLinkt to manage referrals. He now has professional contacts send referrals through the QuickLinkt Smartphone App. This means agents and advisers can make a referral anytime – whether they’re at an open house or in their office – and Ben is automatically notified. As he works with the client, he updates the referral progress (ie. contacted, pre-approved, waiting on confirmation from lender, etc) either from the QuickLinkt Smartphone App or Web Manager. These updates are automatically sent back to the referral source – so agents and advisers love how easy it is to stay in the loop. And on top of that, Ben gets detailed analytics on his referrals and sales.

Since starting with QuickLinkt, Ben’s received an average of 7 referrals every week. His network has grown to over 25 advisers & real estate agents sending referrals, and he’s no longer updating spreadsheets and returning phone calls about application progress.

“We’ve seen huge improvements in efficiency & volume. With the time we’re saving I can focus on growing my business, instead of busy work. QuickLinkt was super easy to set-up, and at the price point – I know I couldn’t go wrong. I think any broker, agent or adviser should be using it.”

About QuickLinkt
QuickLinkt is the only mobile-focused referral marketing & management platform. Businesses can enable clients & professional contacts to send referrals through the QuickLinkt Smartphone App or their website & Facebook page, then track sale progress and optionally issue rewards when referrals result in new business. With automated referral tracking & management, the platform makes it easy to increase referrals, streamline communication and measure program success.

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Referrals for Mortgage Brokers

Here at QuickLinkt, we often get asked how businesses can successfully design and implement referral programs. So, we decided to start a series of blog posts that highlight how we’re seeing businesses be successful. First up – Mortgage Brokers.


Mortgage brokers and agents have been quick to adopt referral programs and implement an automated tracking solution. Looking at the industry, it’s no wonder that referrals are essential to any agent’s success: most new home buyers rely on friends and family to guide their home purchase process, trust is paramount when choosing a mortgage broker and since people work closely with their broker – they’re more likely to refer.  Better yet, there’s lots of people looking for the best mortgage rates since 88% of US home buyers finance  their purchase.


Here at QuickLinkt we’re seeing most brokerages let each lending agent run their own referral program. This allows agents to customize their terms, integrate with their social media profiles and personal websites, and communicate directly with clients. While brokers can choose whether or not to give rewards, we’re commonly seeing agents offer a Visa Gift Card to past clients for each successful referral. While the reward isn’t necessary,* it’s a nice way to say thank you and stay top-of-mind after the sale closes.


We’re also seeing agents use QuickLinkt to manage referrals from their professional network. For example, a real estate agent having an open house can send referrals to brokers using the QuickLinkt Smartphone App. This allows mortgage brokers to get a jump start on pre-approval, and real estate agents to quickly start searching for properties in the right price point. Each time the mortgage broker/agent updates the mortgage process (ie. conditional approval, pre-approved, etc.) the real estate agent is automatically notified, making it easy to keep contacts in the loop.


Mortgage brokers and agents are also realizing just how easy it is to drive referrals. We’ve heard from brokers that most of their clients are young, first-time buyers. These clients greatly appreciative a broker’s help – since getting a mortgage doesn’t come easily – and therefore are much more likely to refer. Better yet, because they’re digital natives they’re happy to send referrals through their Smartphone or a company’s Facebook page. They also have a large network of connections in the same demographic that will soon be looking to buy their first home, so they have plenty of potential referrals.


While each brokerage can use QuickLinkt to specify the referral program that’s right for them, these are just some of the ways we’re seeing mortgage brokers and agents be successful. And since it only takes 5 minutes to get started, mortgage brokers and agents can easily launch their program. What successful marketing tools have you seen for mortgage brokers?


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*Remember to check if offering referral rewards is allowed in your jurisdiction